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You can carry just about everything except a high chair in that duffle known as a diaper bag. There is no doubt about the fact that staying organized can be quite a challenge for a new mom. Babies, especially new born ones can be very unpredictable and demanding. On the other hand moms want to be able to stay on top of their demands both in the house and when they are out and about. Thus the key is to have functional and well organized diaper bags since it works out to be a lifesaver when a mom is away from home with the little one.

In today’s age and time most moms are busy and always on the go. Thus in order to organize your diaper bag it would be a great idea to have a simple checklist of baby supplies that is essential when you are taking your baby out on a trip. In fact as a rule I do not forget to check the list just before leaving the house. In fact it is better that you should check the list the night before such that any last minute rush can be avoided.

My Tiddliwinks carry all diaper bag is always kept organized keeping in mind the following tips: 

  • The diaper hanging accessories is always placed near the diapers. In fact I put them together in a sealable packet
  • An extra outfit is something I always carry and it is a big boon
  • Cleaning wipes, a bib or disposable ones are very important with small children. It helps me in keeping my baby clean
  • A receiving blanket can be rolled up and put in one corner
  • Couple of small toys to amuse your child would always work out to be very useful, especially when a child gets cranky
  • So not forget to carry some of the essentials like diapers, diaper pads, baby wipes, bibs, formula milk, sippy cups, burp cloths, lotions, diaper rash creams, blankets, clothes, hat, and first aid kit among some other things.

Follow these tips and you are always well stocked for with your kid!

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