What you need to lose that post-birth weight


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A healthy pregnancy would always involve a good amount of weight gain. But once the baby is there, in most cases one would wish that those extra pounds would hurry up and vanish. Here are a few tips to shed those extra pounds. 

  • Remember that you took nine months to put the weight and you should give yourself atleast half the time to get back in shape. The key here is that every woman should know that gradual weight loss based on sensible nutrition and enjoyable physical activity is the best path to permanent weight loss
  • Eating well and proper nourishment will give you the energy to take care of yourself and your baby. However the crucial aspect is to remember that there is a vast difference between eating and eating well. For example empty calorie foods should be avoided whereas nourishing ones should be eaten
  • Exercise is a must. If you cannot get enough time apart from your baby, then maybe you can do what my best friend did. When her baby was slightly older she used to run with her Pacific jogger stroller. However be ensure that your baby is old enough and is not getting bounced around too much
  • There are several types of workouts that you can indulge in. whether it be zumba or yoga, aerobics or dance workouts, they are intense and can have you sweating soon. Try to include a quickie and fun workout to keep you motivated to come back to shape.

When I gave birth to my twins, all I used to do was put on my Nike running legging and go for brisk and long walks which in combination with my breastfeeding sessions helped me shed off my pounds.

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