How to turn your living room into a home theater


parker house tv stand, 65 inch tv console

As our beloved summer slowly comes closer and closer to an end, each one of us is left with a daunting question: How am I going to make the cold season fun?  While it’s raining and pouring outside, you and your family can stay entertained by watching a wide selection of movies in your living room – or better yet in your home theater.

Putting together a home theater is easier and more affordable than you probably think.  Here is a list of the few things you need to turn your den into a home theater:

Big screen TV

Place a Parker House TV stand against the wall with a Blu-Ray DVD player in one of its slots.  Then, put the key ingredient to your home theater – the big-screen TV – on top of the Parker House TV stand.  The bigger the TV, the better; I suggest a 65 inch TV console for a wonderfully cinematic feeling.

Surround sound system

You don’t go to a movie theater just because of the big screen and the awesome visual effects.  The booming sound also makes the move experience that much more incredible and that is why you need to have an excellent sound system in your home theater.  You can spend big money on a surround sound system; however, if you really want a steal, go with the Polk Audio SurroundBar 3000 5-Channel Virtual Surround Speaker Bar with Wireless Subwoofer.


Last, but certainly not least, your home theater needs to have plush and comfortable seating.  You want to be as relaxed as you’ve ever been while you sit there and watch your movie, escaping from the cold weather outside.  The VIP 722 Elite Home Theater Chairs are, in my opinion, the very best for this purpose because you have countless options when it comes to choosing color and material.

You might not be swimming, biking, or resting on your backyard hammock, but you will certainly be having fun during the upcoming fall and winter in your very own home theater.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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