How and why to use treats to train your dog


pet beef tendons, kangaroo jerky dog treatsJust filled your home with the warmth and joy that a cute little puppy brings?  It is never too early to begin training him so that he grows to be a disciplined pet that respects his owner.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to training a dog: the use of treats versus not using them.  The idea against the use of treats is that it teaches dogs to listen to you only when they will get a reward.   However, I, along with many experts, believe you shouldn’t complicate things that much.

Doggie treats do not spoil a dog if used correctly, they are merely a way of communicating to your dog that he did the right thing.  Here’s how to train your dog with the use of treats:

Enticing and rewarding

When you ask your dog to come to you or sit down, he has no idea what you are saying.  Use pet beef tendons to lure him in to doing what you are asking of him; when he follows your command, let him know that by letting him have his reward.  Rewarding him with something tasty is the best way to get him to understand you.

What kind of treats to use

There are numerous dog treats that you can use in the training process.  The only requirement is that they are not overly unhealthy and that your dog responds well to them.  You can keep them small too, you don’t necessarily have to give him a beef tendon every time he listens to you.  My dog seems to enjoy kangaroo jerky dog treats so I use them pretty often.

As time goes on and your dog starts to understand you when you talk and indicate, you will find that you can use the treats less and less often.  You won’t have to reward him every time he listens, but every now and then for a job well done!

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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