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plastic toddler bed, safety 1st applesauce play yard

A child’s nap time is very important and you don’t want to mess with that. Missing out on their daily nap can make them fractious and cranky and then settling them for the day can get difficult. That’s why you now you have wonderful naptime solutions in plastic toddler beds and play yards. Take a look at some of their special features:

Plastic toddler bed

A plastic toddler bed is colorful and kids love them. They’re easy to move around from place to place as they’re lightweight and easy to handle. They make for a nice day bed at home. They come in bright, attractive colors that help children identify colors. They’re child-friendly as they don’t have any sharp edges that could hurt them.

Playschools and daycare centers now stock up on plastic toddler beds for children to get in their afternoon nap and establish a daily routine. They’re easy to stack and don’t occupy too much space. They’re low on height and easy for a child to access.

Check out Delta Toddler Beds that come with a Canopy. They’re a wonderful and relaxing space for your baby to sleep. They’re cute with ribbon and ruffle detailing and look elegant for your little princess. Disney Sesame Street toddler beds in bright blue or green with a colorful headboard and footboard are a delight to children.

plastic toddler bedSafety 1st Applesauce play yard

Imagine a safe play yard that can be turned into a bassinet for sleeping! They’re so convenient because a tired child can fall asleep right in the play yard.

The Safety 1st play Prelude Play yard has a removable bassinet that’s so handy for nap time. The play yard can be folded into a storage pouch or a bassinet. It’s easy to store and great for travel with easy maintenance. It has a toy arch and breathable mesh that allows baby to be safe when asleep. It also comes with an elevated changing table, accessory tray and wheels that provide easy mobility.

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