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With summer and spring burgeoning, for many a fashionista it is time to hit the beach. Whether you are soaking up the sun inMiamior in Venice Lido the most important decision will not be the SPF of your lotion but the swim wear pieces and styles that you will be wearing.

While searching for my ideal swim wear I realized that swimwear trends do not change as vociferously as usual fashion trends do. However I wanted something which was a balance of sex appeal and functionality. Thus after researching on the trends for swim suit styles I figured which one I desired most.

One of the best options that I figured for me was the skirted bottom bathing suit. This worked very well for me since my hip area is rather small. Thus the skirted bottom adds some flow and emphasis to the area too. Moreover I love the feminine and distinct way the swim suit just stands out by the pool or the beach.

Did you know that the ruffled swimwear is an on-trend style at the moment and is just about where the rules for the trend end? Unlike the one shouldered or vintage swim wear, the ruffled swimwear has no distinct style rules. In fact there are a plethora of cuts and styles that you will be able to find. Did you know you could combine crochet and ruffles together as well for a fun and sensational look?

My sister has a rather small bust and so she picked up a Penny ruffle swimwear which makes her look sexier and fuller. The idea is to experiment with the different styles in congruence with your body. Ruffled swim suits can help you accentuate your body and make your appear extremely curvy too!

Summer is in full swing, so beat the heat by taking a dip in the pool in an ultra chic swim suit looking gorgeous and curvaceous.

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