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solar knapsack, coleman led lantern

Ever had a battery crisis on your camping or trekking trip? Well how about investing in a solar knapsack that can store and produce their own power, using solar energy, to keep your electronics charged and ready for use, anywhere! It seems too good to be true but with these backpacks, you can get a blend nature’s glory with the latest technologies.

Check out the Voltaic solar backpack that charges devices like digital cameras, portable gaming devices and Portable GPS units from HTC, Motorola and many others. The grid has lots of room with its 1500 cubic inch (about 25 liters) interior storage capacity. It provides you with potential to pack up, carry and charge your devices on the go!

You can use the knapsack to store all of your belongings when you camping, hiking or backpacking. The solar bag is a great way to keep your electronics charged and safe. With just an hour of sun you will get about 3 hours of talk time for your cell phone and 4-5 hours of sun get you a complete charge.

The bags are compatible with most mobile phones, iPods/mp3 players, iPhone, smartphones/PDAs, portable gaming devices, GPS units, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and more. The bag has a 3,000 mAh Universal USB battery so you have back up power when the sun goes down.

Coleman led lantern

Along with the solar knapsack, you can also get a Coleman led lantern for your camping spree. The product features 2 Cre Xlamp XR-E LED, with 390 lumens on high mode. You can use it for 100 hours on low and 15 hours on high mode. The lantern also features rotary switch and is weather resistant to withstand the elements.

So, you can now reconcile with natural, even as you read your favorite books on the laptop or stay connected to your workplace. With these two green products, your camping trip surely becomes more entertaining and safe, while being eco-friendly!

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