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Did you know that on an average 83 degree Fahrenheit day, the attic temperature usually goes up to a 100! Well neither did I, until a roofing expert told me this! It is then I got to know about attic fans and how energy efficient they are. Modern homes are being built with complete house fan systems to save more energy and prevent heat from building up.

So, if you have an attic where you can make omelets on the floor, opt for attic fans, which provide you these benefits-

  • They draw less than 300 Watts and thus reduce electricity bills. They save up to 30% on air conditioning costs for homes
  • Reduce the upper room temperatures by almost 10 degrees on hot days
  • Elongate the life of roofing materials thanks to the reduced heating
  • Reduces moisture during the winters and thus helps to keep the attic dry

The idea of getting these attic fans is to ensure that your home gets optimum ventilation, without resulting in whopping electricity bulls. Also, if you want to ensure better life of insulation, wiring, plumbing, etc. it does make more sense to invest in these.

In fact, solar fans for the attic are another eco-friendly alternative that you can choose from. Check out the Sunforce solar emergency fan and light combo, which operates even when the power is out. So, be it a thunder storm or power failure due to some other reason, you can still have some fresh air and light.

The fan includes a 5 Watt amorphous solar panel that charges via the built-in battery to provide continuous fan operation. The fan functions in all daylight conditions, be it cloudy or shaded environments. It also functions in AC power and provides 3 – 5 hours of fan operation on a full charge. With the adjustable height, the portable fan can be shifted easily to any other room in the house too.

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