How to store gas safely in case of an emergency


portable gasoline transfer pump, steel cable cutter

No matter how well you maintain your home and gas pipes, there can always be emergencies. Instead of panicking, you should know what to do at that point in time. The first thing to do here is of course to know where the gas meter is located so you can shut it off. Apart from this, a portable gasoline transfer pump can be used to store gas safely in a home.

For instance, check out this 30 Gallon Ul portable steel gas storage caddy that can be used for storing unleaded gasoline, diesel, kerosene or mixed fuels. The caddy is made from heavy-duty, UL listed cast iron pump with carbon vanes.

It features a 2-way rotary pump siphons and dispenses, 1 gal./per every 21 revolutions. Safety is assured with the help of a fire screened vent and filter neck combination with fill level gauge. There is also a dolly handle for east of transport and it is FM approved.

Along with this, you also need some sensible tools in the house, which would be handy in emergencies. A steel cable cutter is a very handy tool and you can keep it close to your portable gasoline transfer pump. These are high leverage cutters that are heat tolerant and have dense cutting capacities, which is a must for gasoline pipes.

A good wrench is also very handy in these situations. Always keep it next to your emergency supplies or the valve, but avoid storing it on the meter or any gas piping or related equipment because it can be difficult to access the same.

Some other tips that you should keep in mind when handling the same are:

  • Always fill the cans you store gas in up a 95% capacity, this gives you some extra room to let the fuel expand at higher temperatures.
  • For storing gas for longer periods, use preservatives to prevent it from getting spoiled.
  • Never keep the stored gasoline in the house or near it. It is best to keep the same in a properly ventilated area, with no other electronic gear or open flames nearby.

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