Beach safety for babies


sun protective clothing, sports towel

A day at the beach can be great fun for you and the baby if you take suitable precautions. And is it the first time on the beach with the baby? Then it’s better to acquaint yourself with some tips on beach safety for babies so you have a good time. Here’s a look at some important beach safety tips that every parent should account for:

Sun protective clothing

Even if it’s a cool day, you have to cover the baby with sun protective clothing so the baby’s well protected at all times. Choose clothes that offer sun protection with up to 50-90% SPF to block out UV rays to keep baby safe. Go for light-colored clothing that deflect heat and cover the arms and legs to keep baby’s skin cool. A Girl’s sun block hoodie that protects face and neck with Coolmax mesh is cool and lightweight and has UPF 5+.

Protective hats

Even if you’ve covered the baby with sun protective clothes, a hat is a must to cover the baby’s head. Thick hair alone cannot protect a baby’s head. The head must be protected with a wide brim hat that covers the head and ears and shades the face. Something like the Bumkins Dr.Seuss flap hat has a front brim and back flap to protect the neck and face from the sun. It blocks out 98% of UV rays and is made out of chlorine-resistant fabric.

sun protective clothingSports towel

Make sure you slather the baby with adequate sunscreen. And keep a thick, soft sports towel handy to dry the baby. Go for chamois sports towels that soak up a lot of moisture quickly and are compact to pack. Bettertimes chamois towels are utra-absorbent and remove water and perspiration with a wipe to keep babies fresh and clean.

Keep a close eye on the baby

Beaches are full of small pebbles, shells and sand and babies may put this in their mouth. Keep a close eye on them to prevent this. If the beach is overcrowded, try to find a quiet spot in case the baby wants to have a nap. Don’t forget to take along plenty of water to keep baby hydrated and happy.

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