Bringing the outside’s greenery indoors


tall plant stands, folding garden cart

Even a few plants can make all the difference. There’s no doubt that plants or any greenery looks beautiful outdoors. They give us a feeling of freshness and being one with nature. The same feeling can be recreated indoors with the addition of a few indoor plants. Just a few plants are enough to dispel negative energy and infuse positive and vibrant energy into your home. Take a look at some ideas to help you add some color and brightness to your home with plants:

Tall plant stands

Apart from looking extremely decorative, splashes of green inside your home can keep you feeling active and energetic while doing your day-to-day chores. They improve the quality of air inside. Plants are great for filling in an empty corner or when kept on window sills or shelves.

Plants make for great room dividers when you want some privacy or cut down the size of a room.  If you work from home on the computer, plants act as a welcome distraction when your eyes get tired of looking at the computer screen for long hours.

Use plant stands to display your plants indoors. Tall plant stands add an old world charm to a room. Slender and elegant Barley plant stands can be used to display your plants gracefully. They have a vintage look, are compact, hand-carved mahogany stands with carved leg detailing and a smooth top.

Other interesting plant stands include the Plastec triple plant stand that can hold three small plants on one stand. They’re easy to assemble and have a clear saucer underneath to protect floors.

tall plant standsFolding garden cart

Before you know it, an enthusiast gardener finds that he or she has accumulated plenty of potted plants. And these can be difficult and heavy to transport to other places around the house or garden. A Folding Garden cart or a Folding Utility cart is very handy to carry things around the house or garden. It conveniently folds down for storage once you’re done using it and is easy to store.

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