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Lately it has been impossible to visit the pool without being bombarded with tribal inspired swim wear. And these are not only the traditional swim suits I am talking about, but from bikinis to ruffled swimwear, one shoulders to others you can get them in all the styles. I am absolutely loving this look and thus it is a ‘no- brainer’ that I have bought some of the tribal swimwear for myself as well.

Tribal prints are burgeoning in popularity and these motifs look nice on a single or two piece outfit. The energetic and vibrant colors dominate the fashion trend all across the world.  However the idea is to keep the overall look simple in order to avoid an overload.

In fact inspired by this seasons swim wear prints in tribal flavor and primitive in nature I picked on Gottex bathing suits . Khaki colors and camouflage tones are relegated to the outback in place of deco-inspired prints and geometric patterns. In fact only the other day I saw Beyonce and Rihanna on the web posing stunningly in tribal prints. They looked fabulous embracing this trend.

I genuinely feel that it is time to change from the usual monochromatic colored swim suits and step into more daring ones. This change is so visible if you step on any beach or pool. Try it if you want heads to turn or your look different from the usual!

What I realized was that designers everywhere have different visions but when it comes to ethnic tribal prints one thing is for sure that they create lovely pieces of swim wear and others when they follow some simple rules. However there is no doubt that tribal elements have taken swimwear fashion to the next level.

Perk up your style and upgrade your wardrobe with the tribal prints right away!

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