Putting the finishing touches on unfinished furniture


unfinished bathroom vanities, wood table legs unfinished

A home makeover is something that you can take a lot of pride in.  It takes effort to come up with new ideas, color schemes, furniture layouts and such.  However, there are those who would prefer to put even a little bit more effort into their home renovations.

For the DIY-ers out there who like to hammer, paint, and get their hands a little bit dirty in order to get things done, I suggest looking into some of the unfinished furniture pieces listed below.  This will allow you to be more involved in your home makeover endeavors.

Unfinished bathroom vanities

36” Unfinished Mission Hardwood Vanity Cabinet: this sturdy unfinished bathroom vanity is made with some high quality craftsmanship.  Thanks to its solid construction, it will stick it out despite the warmth and dampness that usually damages bathroom cabinets.  All it needs from you is a nice coat of pain and the finishing touch.

Wood table legs unfinished

Rockler Country French Table Leg, Oak, 15”: looking for the right table legs for the French country theme you are working on in your home?  Rockler has you covered with these finely crafted table legs.  The table legs are ready to be installed – of course, that is after you paint or stain them to match your table and the rest of your color scheme.  Once again, a product that you can put your own finishing touches on.

So for those of you looking to find home furniture that is truly your own, make it your own by putting your personal finishing touches on unfinished furniture.  It really is a dream come true for DIY-ers as they get to do some of the work themselves – in this busy world, who has the time to build an entire bathroom cabinet or kitchen table from scratch?

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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