Three unique ways to decorate your home


sculpture elephant

Decorating your home is a fun and challenging task but often times you can get stuck on traditional design ideas. To liven up your home, check out these unique ways to decorate your home and really make your home the talk of the town.


Sculptures are often avoided by your average home owners because they can be very hit and miss. While it can be a décor risk to have a sculpture in your home, sculptures are one of the best types of art to add a unique design element to your home that no one else can mimic. They do a fantastic job of filling up a difficult or empty space in your home and are great for creating a center piece that really ties your home together. The trick is that you have to find the right space to put your sculpture so that is works well with the design of your home. Options like this sculpture elephant will really take your home décor to the next level, especially for those adventurous designers.

Unique wood tables

While wood tables are common place in homes, it is the type of wood used for these tables that can really differentiate your home’s design. Items like these mango wood end tables give your home a simplistic and natural appeal with their unique pattern that only nature could design. Many tables that use exotic wood are of higher quality and in many cases are one-of-a-kind pieces. The interesting patterns that these exotic wood pieces produce are memorizing and will be sure to stick out to any visitor.


Often associated with upper-class dining arrangements and ballrooms, these lightening stables have been a popular option for home décor for centuries. These beautiful pieces are perfect for highlighting spaces and really bringing some sparkle and energy to a room. There are many different styles of chandeliers out there ranging from classical crystal chandeliers to more modern and contemporary designs. Chandeliers are perfect high ceilings and especially entry ways near stairs.

Written by Asher Briggs

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