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Beauty is not always about face packs and hair spas… What you eat has a drastic impact on your hair, skin and overall appearance too. Now, I may not really be a fan of studying vitamins in school, but I do know that they are essential for a healthy you. Vitamin D, which is freely available from sunlight, helps in metabolism and absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Though sunlight exposure is sufficient to get your daily quota of vitamin D, sometimes supplements like vitamin d sublingual may be required if your body is not getting the same. The Swanson ultra contains 100% natural eggshell calcium that is enriched with vitamin D3 to support bone health.

You may not be aware but eggshells have been a primary source of natural calcium for hundreds of years. And now it is available in edible vitamin D capsules to ensure optimum absorption. Apart from the above, vitamin D is also essential for-

  • Healthy immune system
  • Better brain functioning
  • Preventing diseases like multiple sclerosis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
  • Some studies also suggest that it lowers the risk of cancer

Now, with all these amazing benefits, you should ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D every day. This is especially true for kids also. If your child is not getting the same, then opt for these healthy supplements like the Swanson vitamins dha.

The product contains omega-3 fatty acids are integral for neurological functions since the membrane surrounds the brain cells and nerves contain the fatty acids. But since our body is incapable of creating omega-3 fatty acids, it is essential for kids to get the same from supplements.

With most kids being picky eaters, the safe omega-3 DHA/EPA gummy vitamins provide an easy way and fun way to help your child eat the same. So make sure that your entire family is getting a healthy dose of this amazing vitamin!

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