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white sheath dress, white jersey pants

There’s a saying that goes, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Whoever made that up is silly because we’re allowed to wear white as often and as many times as we’d like any time of the year. You can wear any of these clothes any time you want.

White is one of the most underestimated colors in the fashion world. When people speak of white, they simply associate it with a wedding or a casual bohemian look for the summers. But the neutral color can be stylized to be worn all year round, rather than being restricted to the warmer seasons.

This gorgeous shade can be worn on rainy days to add some brightness to the sullen and gray weather. Metallic sheen whites are a peppy pick for club wear too. And these pieces are a great testament to that-

1. White sheath dress

Don’t keep that lacy sheath dress just for a bridesmaid’s role. White is a romantic color for dates or prom night too. Check out this Ann Taylor strapless embroidered floral sheath dress. You can spring in glorious bloom with this party-perfect dress. It is topped with a beautifully embroidered floral overlay for a delicate finish.

The strapless dress can be flaunted during the colder season with a similar colored cashmere or trench coat. You can also contrast it with some vibrant hues like tangerine or coral. Add some elegant accessories like diamond studs or bracelets to complete the look. The knee length is suitable summery and can be worn in the winters with stockings or woolen leg warmers.

2. White jersey pants

White jersey pants are a relaxing pick for lounging around. These pants jersey pants give you the flexibility to be sported with t-shirts or sweat shirts. They can also be worn in the colder season with leg warmers because they provide that extra room.

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