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wrought iron headboards, black bedside tables

I love going to bed and breakfast places in the countryside for weekends. Of course, apart from the scenery, eating breakfast in bed is always the main attraction for me. Now I may sound like a cleanliness freak here, but the mere idea of bread crumbs and maple sauce falling on my bed gives me goose bumps. So, for me, breakfast in bed was always a strict no.

However, a friend of mine suggested some convenient and easy alternatives to me, which I would like to share with you too-

1. Wrought iron headboards

Now the reason I am suggesting you get a bed with wrought iron headboards is because it really reminds you of those rustic country getaways. The grandeur and elegance of the headboard takes you on a vacation, even when at home. Also, these head boards are easy to clean unlike wooden ones. So you don’t have to worry about staining them when you accidentally put a greasy hand on it.

2. Black bedside tables

Bedside tables in black always look great, both with wooden or wrought iron beds. These tables are again easy to clean and maintain as compared to the nude ones. You can pick something that is portable and can be easily shifted towards you when eating.

3. Folding or tray tables

Tray or folding tables are bliss for people who love to have bed-tea or coffee. These can be stored under the bed or even in the kitchen. Pick ones with laminated wood so that you they don’t get dirty with spilled milk or juice.

And along with these tables, try out these yummy delights for breakfast-

  • Pancakes with mixed berries
  • Cheesy muffins and buttery croissants
  • Sunny side up eggs
  • Healthy shakes and juices
  • Lots of kisses and cuddles
  • An extra snooze post breakfast

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