The best TV to watch football on


47 inch tv, 42 flat screen

The NFL season has just begun and there a lot of excitement in the air. I am sure most of you are planning to get yourself a large screen TV to watch your favorite games. Let us take a look at the options you have got.

Among the TV’s available these days Plasmas, LEDs and LCD’s are the ones you should be looking at. Plasma TV’s are usually good in case you are planning to buy a TV which is excess of 50 inches. They are a lot cheaper than LCD and LED TV’s when you compare size and cost. The Plasma TV’s from Samsung happen to be one of the best ones around.

The Samsung PN60E530 60 inch television would be a great addition to your living room and would be perfect to watch your favorite football games. This TV supports full HD and delivers one of the best outputs among the large screen TVs. This TV is Energy Star rated and would consume up to 40% less power. The 600 Hz refresh rate ensures that you don’t have to worry about motion blur. Overall it is a great TV for watching your favorite sports.

If you are looking at getting a relatively smaller TV that is less than 50 inches then you should consider getting LCD or LED TVs. 47 and 42 flat screen are the most popular choices when it comes to LED and LCD based TVs. LCD and LED TV’s from Panasonic are perfect for sports and movies. The Panasonic Smart Viera 47 inch TV would have to be one of the best ones in its category.

This TV comes with a clear IPS LED panel. The advanced backlighting technology used in the LED TV gives it the best contrast when compared to other TVs. This TV features a wide viewing angle of about 178 degrees making it easy to view from tight angles. The high refresh rate and low response time enable this TV to be great for gaming purposes as well.

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