5 essentials for a handyman


7 inch circular saw blades, sawhorse legs

When it comes to being a home handyman or a D.I.Y home improvement task, there are many tools, which are invaluable. These help in general maintenance and aid in simple remodeling projects. If you use them wisely, then you will be able to recover your costs or investments very soon and thus have the potential to tackle something more advanced.

Here are the top 5 handyman tools, which are a must-have-

1. 7 inch circular saw blades

These circular saw blades are perhaps the most useful and usable saw option available for any handyman. It helps in cleaner and finer cutting even for hardened body. Check out the Kerf blad that comes with a 40 tooth smooth cut blade along with a 1-7 1/4-Inch by 20 tooth fast cut blade to provide easier and straighter cuts.

 2. Sawhorse legs

To avoid backaches and getting accurate cuts, sawhorse legs are essential part of the handyman kit. Stanley offers fold up single sawhorse that can be folded and feature an integrated carry handle. It also clicks easily and has latches to form twin pack that allows you to secure 2 sawhorses together to prevent movement.

3. Adjustable wrenches

With adjustable wrenches, you can loosen or tighten nuts and bolts with ease. The 10 inch version is one of the most preferred because it can also be used on larger bolts.

4. Hammer and circular saw

The handsaw is like a clutter for most because it requires you to work harder and also because you need something more efficient for household projects. Circular saws work better. And a curved hammer with a rubber grip helps in steadier control.

5. Drill and drill bits

Though most people suggest that you should use a cordless drill, it is best to avoid the same. These batteries tend to die faster and cord ones are so much more practical and less clutter-some.

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