Best of the Web no. 77


Mismatched arm parties. Mixed CDs you and your BFF used to trade in the early 2000s. Your plateful of food at an international buffet. If you love any or all of the aforementioned things because you share our belief that nothing beats an eclectic mishmash of different but equally awesome components, you’ll be sure to enjoy today’s roundup of our favorite recent blog discoveries. You’ll find a mixed bag of posts on everything from cooking to gardening, home decor, beautiful artwork, tales of work and play, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy clicking around and become a repeat visitor of at least a few of the amazing blogs below!


little projects in style

“little projects in style is a lifestyle blog about enjoying the littler (and charming) things in life. Zhing is obsessed with crafts, themed parties, cotton candy and fluffy doggie cuddles. It started out as an archive of her life as a college student in Switzerland and now includes daily snippets of her adventures with her beloved husband and puppy dog in Cambodia, Japan and now Singapore.” — Zhing


Bliss Fruit

“Bliss Fruit is a place where I happily share my creativity, whether it be my art, whatever I am currently up to in my garden, or simply life at my little villa. I am inspired by other arty souls who blog and would like Bliss Fruit to be a place of inspiration also.” — Patti


oh how very lovely

“My blog is a place for me to share all of the lovely things that I discover on a day-to-day basis. It is a mix of interiors, shopping, art and design. My background is in magazine design so I see the blog as a mini magazine that people can keep coming back to for inspiration.” — Shannon


Busy Bee Studio

“I’m Helen and I own and run Busy Bee Studio, a website selling shabby chic gorgeousness and vintage finds!! I started my business in 2001 with the dream of giving up the full-time teaching job. My gorgeous blog is a peek behind the scenes of the studio and an insight into living the country dream … and I have been writing it since 2008.

I blog about things I love: my husband, my friends, Busy Bee Studio, our lovely Lavender Cottage, princess sparkly things, our farmhouse, Winston (our crazy black Lab), jugs, gardening, making something from nothing, our donkeys, scented candles, cushions, gardening, shabby chic, vintage finds, our hens, car boot sales, roses, laughter, red wine, good food, Italy and all things GORGEOUS!” — Helen


Megan Ta Da

“My blog is a simple look-see into the day-to-day happenings of a bicycling, printmaking, traveling, sewing, knitting, adventuring, art student from New Hampshire. I have two twin goats in the yard acting as my alarm clock, a night light to allow for reading bedtime stories, and each day, everything in between is a mystery. The blog is a space to keep tabs on everything so I don’t forget!” — Megan


Tiny Gardener

“Tiny Gardener is a blog all about the adventures of gardening on a tiny city plot in the heart of Cleveland. Ashlee began this blog four years ago as a way to keep records, but it has blossomed in many ways ever since those first puny tomatoes. Follow along as the Tiny Gardener and Hubby (as well as their three cats and four chickens) learn the ups and downs of making it work on a modern urban homestead.” — Ashlee


Aliette de Bodard

“I’m a Franco-Vietnamese living in Paris, author of science fiction and amateur cook. I blog on writing (process, constructive rants on genre clichés from a non-U.S./non-Western point of view), reading (capsule reviews of books I recommend), and on Vietnamese language learning.

On the cooking side, I also post regular scrumptious Vietnamese recipes ranging from low-effort classics to more complex feast dishes. As someone who got to cooking late, I do my best to demystify the cooking process and make it easy for everyone to use my recipes.” — Aliette


Third Grade Bookworm

“Third Grade Bookworm is a place for teachers to find engaging lessons for reading, writing and language arts. As a third grade inclusion teacher, Abby recognizes that teachers have to have materials and ideas for a variety of learners. You might also see a few ‘leadership and literature’ lessons sprinkled in as well, as Abby’s school officially begins The Leader in Me journey this year.” — Abby


The Renovation Diaries

“The Renovation Diaries is the journey of our hopefully forever family home as we take it from ramshackle to fabulous on a very tight budget! I share home interior ideas (my new obsession!!), our garden design inspirations and the realities of living in a renovation with two small children! You can read about our joys, tears and frustrations as we inch our way to completion. Enjoy! Sam x” — Sam


The Daily Rant

“The Daily Rant is the longest-running daily blog in the WORLD written by a female truck driver. THIS is where trucking meets travel! I am a professional truck driver. I travel. I write. I photograph. I even snorkel. But never at the same time.

I started my blog in May 2005 as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Now, I have readers from all over the world. Since 2006, most years have more than 364 posts, which is as daily as it gets!  I now have over 2,600 posts, with more than 1,600 of them including a photograph taken by me. I’d love for you to stop by and spend some time sifting through the archives.” — Salena


If you want to show a little love for variety and all things eclectic in your home decor, here’s a DIY project you can try: Grab a sturdy file folder rack, apply two coats of spray paint in a color of your choice, and use it to hold scrapbooks with different themes or your favorite issues from several magazines.

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  1. kelly frey bigroad Says:

    Good call on the daily rant blog by Salena Lettera definitely one of my favorite bloggers. Cheers

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