Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 89


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

Greetings, fashionistas! Today we wanted to highlight four stylin’ ladies with closets and jewelry organizers we not-so-secretly wish we could raid. Why, you ask? We’ll give you five reasons: Caroline’s fab chevron-print clutches, Stiene’s adorable bow-front skirt, Maria’s statement-making box locket, Mel’s lovely doily earrings, and Jennifer’s velvet platform sandals. Be sure to pay the wonderful blogs below a visit and see if you love these looks as much as we do!


Needle and Nest Design

“Needle and Nest Design is the creative outlet for a stay-at-home mama/artist named Mel. She loves sewing, upcycling old threads into new fashion. There’s always a generous mix of do-it-yourself projects, life ponderings and photography thrown in too. Most of all, she loves her family: The husband is a baker, and her two kids are the best things since sliced bread!” — Mel



“I started my blog as a way of making available some of the many tutorials and how-tos I produce for the students I teach in my various teaching work. As a tutor at Plymouth College of Art, I get to hear about all sorts of shows, news, competitions and information that I think other people would like to be involved with. The Etsy-Metal team I’m involved with is a group of chatty jewellers and designer-makers who also enjoy sharing information and knowledge, so I also blog about some of the international challenges and events we get up to, and it provides a useful gallery for my own work.

The blog is fairly low-key. It’s easy to read and dotted with imagery and inspiration, aimed at those with an interest in making contemporary jewellery. I hope it lets people see the diversity of makers out there and that it makes them aware of the thought and care that goes into the creative thinking and making process, whilst demonstrating to self-taught makers at home, or students, that they can easily raise their own skill levels by just having a go. Sometimes seeing a variety of inspirations and processes is all it takes to get out of a creative rut.” — Maria



“Stiene, that’s my name! I’m a 17-year-old Belgian girl who studies economics, plays guitar, and is a fashion addict. My blog Vogue Suit is my personal diary and it’s all about fashion, travelling and events! Since I’m still a student, I’m showing you how you can look stylish and chic without spending a lot of money. Have fun reading! ;-)” — Stiene


Sew Caroline

“Sew Caroline is a lifestyle blog that is jam-packed with DIYs, fashion, inspiration, and creative living!” — Caroline


Love Getting Dressed

“I created the blog Love Getting Dressed four years ago to share my love for clothes and all things fashion-related. Over the years it’s become like a diary and the style has evolved and grown up alongside me. I recently launched a sister blog, Love Getting Home; anything that cannot be worn but still makes my heart beat faster goes on this blog under the loose term ‘home stuff.’ One of the reasons I have always maintained the blog whilst working in the fashion industry is the opportunities it presents. Through my blog, I meet so many interesting and creative people, which keeps me feeling inspired. I’m now working on my own brand, Cult Collection, which will launch in spring/summer ’13 and I will be looking to the blogging network to give me feedback and help to promote and develop the brand.” — Jennifer


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