The last swimsuits of the summer


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Summer is about to end and swimsuits are slowly being taken out of stores. So this might be the last chance to wear swimsuits for a while and you should pick them up before they are pulled out. However, you need to ensure that you get styles that flatter and emphasize your best features.

Now, someone with a little tummy might not be a fan of bikinis or monokinis. But a tankini would work perfectly because it covers the stomach and yet flatters all the right areas. Similarly, someone who is pear-shaped or has heavier bottoms can opt for boyshort bathing suits. Basically, these are short style suits, which can be picked as a pair or even separately.

Why this works for most women is because it covers the butts completely and ends right around the upper thighs. So it creates the silhouette of a slimmer lower bottom, without being boring! You can sport this trendy design with bikini tops, tankinis, t-shirts or almost anything else.

If you have wobbly upper thigh problems then you can opt for women’s swim shorts that are a bit longer. These lengths range from mid-thigh and go right up to the knees. But girls, we are not talking vintage here so make sure you don’t look like you have walked out of a 30’s flick. When sporting longer swimming short lengths, do opt for figure flattering tops!

  • For instance, a low neck polka dotted halter back tankini style would look great with simple or solid colored swimming shorts. The idea is draw away attention from the problem areas and focus on your finer assets.
  • If you are going for printed bottoms, then go for a solid colored piece on top. Women blessed with shapely abs can go for mid-riff revealing pieces.
  • A cover up is also useful to hide the problem areas.

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