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HP as a brand has been well-known for their laptops and desktops. It is only over the past few years that they have become well-known for their printers as well. They have a great lineup of printers for home as well as commercial use.

HP laser printers are one of the most efficient and most cost-effective ones you will find. They are perfect for an office or home office. HP printers are also known for their reliability. Laser printers when used regularly last about 3 years before needing to be replaced. HP printers on the other hand last about 4 to 5 years before needing to be replaced. HP has a wide range of printers. Thanks to their wide range of printers you will definitely find one that will meet your budget and requirements.

When it comes to performance, HP printers are up there with the best. Their inkjet printers are quite fast compared to other manufacturers as well. The average printing speed of their laser printers is also quite good. One other advantage with HP printers is that their toner cartridges are quite versatile and is compatible with most HP laser printers. The HP 4600 printer cartridges are quite versatile and can be used with the HP laser jet 4600, 4610 and 46550 series of laser printers. The HP laser printer toner cartridge is known for its quality and cost effectiveness. One of their biggest advantages would be that their cartridges can be refilled quite easily making them very cost-effective.

HP printers may have some distinct advantages over its competitors but it does have a few disadvantages as well. HP laser printers cartridges may be cost-effective but they are expensive. They may have a low up front printer cost but their cartridges are quite expensive to buy making it expensive to operate. Their line of inkjet printers might perform quite well but the print quality is not as good as some of its competitors. Their photo line of printers is a perfect example for print quality not being as good as their competitors. There are a few exceptions however but generally their print quality could be slightly better.

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    Hi, this is a great article, i am looking for something similar to this but a brand review of HP Desktops, do you know of any? I am not finding anything else on the web. Thanks!

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