Sustainable ways to stay cool in the heat


dehumidifier hoses, allen + roth 44" mazon brushed steel ceiling fan

With energy costs rising sky high with every season, it’s best if we learn some cost-cutting ways on how to save energy. Though the idea of living without air conditioning may seem impossible, it is possible to stay cool and save on energy with these ideas. Take a look at them here:

Dehumidifier hoses

A very effective way to cool your house is with a dehumidifier drain hose. It reduces the moisture in the air and makes your home less stuffy and cool. A Delonghi dehumidifier has electronic controls with an LCD display to help you monitor humidity and temperature. The pump system with a 16” hose can pump water upward and drain out water and into a sink. You can save on energy costs by running the dehumidifier during the hottest parts of the day and by keeping all windows and doors closed while using it.

Letting hot air out

Keeping sunlight out of your home during day time and letting in cool air at nights can keep your house cool. Keep all windows, doors, curtains or drapes and blinds closed during the day. Keep your attic well-insulated with an attic ventilating fan to keep your house cool. Protect your porch or patio with eco-friendly shades to block the sun’s heat.

Turn off appliances

Make sure you switch off all appliances immediately after use. Things like your clothes dryer, dishwasher, computer, TV, mobile chargers and other things give off heat inside the house. Change to CFL bulbs as they’re energy-saving and cooler than regular bulbs/lights.

dehumidifier hosesAllen + Roth 44” brushed steel ceiling fan

Using fans instead of air conditioning can save you a healthy amount on your energy bills. Moving air downwards and outdoors with ceiling fans keeps your home cooler. An Allen Roth brushed steel ceiling fan looks elegant, operates noiselessly and is highly durable. It comes with a light setting to dim or brighten the light.

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