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Analog clocks might have the old school look to them but they are slowly giving way to their digital counterparts. Digital clocks are a lot more reliable and require hardly any maintenance. They are also quite accurate and the ones that are available these days have quite a few functions. Here are a few digital clocks which you can choose from.

One of the most basic digital clocks is a free standing one which is usually placed on a bedside table or a desk. They are usually used as alarm clocks. They require a power point so you can save on buying batteries. These bedside digital clocks usually have a built in radio so you can wake up to your favorite radio station. A few bedside digital clocks also have mp3 players in them so you can wake up to your favorite music.

The next most common type of digital clock is the atomic wall mountable digital clock. These digital atomic clocks have slowly but steadily replaced regular analog clock gauge clocks. Atomic clocks display the time accurate to the second as they are continuously updated to the Cesium clock in Colorado. While displaying the time is the primary objective for these clocks, they also come with additional features.

The La Crosse Technology Jumbo Digital Atomic Wall Clock is one the best digital wall clocks around. This clock has a large digital display through which you can see the time quite clearly. In addition to displaying time it can also display the date and time zone setting. Since it is an atomic clock it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time when needed. In addition to that it also displays ambient temperature. This clock runs on 3 “AA” alkaline batteries and lasts quite long on them. The large 4 inch digital display is quite good and is easy to view the time and date.

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