How to fix up your old furniture yourself


distressed dining chairs, copper dining table

Those who are green at heart hate to throw away old furniture pieces. They would rather recycle it or use it for other purposes. But there are simple ways in which you can fix up your old furniture yourself. This includes getting rid of water and other stains or repairing that slight scratch on the chair. Keep reading to see what easy ways you can fix up some of your own furniture.

For instance, you love your distressed dining chairs and take regular care of it. But over the years, some damage is also caused by using spirits, alcohol or even hair sprays that you use for getting rid of spots. It dissolves wood finishes.

So the next time any kind of alcohol-based ingredient falls on the chair, let it dry up. If you do wipe it up while wet the damage done to the furniture is even worse. What you can do is opt for linseed oil and powdered rottenstone extract, which has been boiled. The Rottenstone is similar to the action of decomposed limestone.

It works like a mild abrasive powder and mostly used for polishing metal, but works great for alcohol damaged furniture. All that you have to do is boil the linseed oil and powdered rottenstone to make a thin paste. Then apply the mixture on the stained areas using fingertips but rub only in the direction of the wood grain. Wipe off clean and enjoy your new furniture!

The copper dining table might get some water rings over the years because of the vase or wet glasses. For this, you have to keep a thick and clean towel on the area. Press an iron on it, with no steam on. Let the iron sit for a few seconds but don’t let the soleplate touch any wooden parts. The low heat releases some moisture, which helps to get rid of the water stains.

So, the next time don’t throwaway furniture, instead fix it up!

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