A guide to men’s shorts


dockers shorts, cargo shorts for big men

Shorts are one of the most comfortable forms of clothing for men. They are great to wear during the warm summer months. There are quite a few types of shorts available for men which can be worn at places.

When it comes to men’s shorts you are bound to find a pair for almost every occasion. Cargo shorts are one of the most popular ones these days. These shorts are built for convenience and comfort. They usually have extra pockets around your thighs so you can accommodate accessories like an iPod or a media player. There are different types of cargo shorts available.

The two most popular styles are loose khaki to long and slim nylon short ones.  They usually come in almost every color so you would find something according to your taste. The Big and Tall cargo shorts for big men happen to be one of the most popular ones around. D3 Dockers shorts are quite popular cargo shorts as well.

Jean shorts are another popular kind of shorts for men. They are usually worn by urban crowds. They are essentially denim cutoffs but are quite baggy rather than fitting. Blue denim shorts are one of the most popular ones among the younger crowd. They give you a more rugged look when compared with cargo shorts. They come in quite a few colors but as I mentioned blue denim shorts are the most popular ones.

Last but not the least board shorts are quite popular in areas with beaches. They are quite similar to swimming trunks but are a bit longer and have that surfer look to it. They are usually made from smooth nylon or polyester material and are quite comfortable. They are quite lightweight and perfect to swim in as well as have a walk around the board walk. Board shorts these days have pockets for added convenience as well.

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