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emerald marquise ring,

You may have some unique jewelry that stands out. When worn right, it can look gorgeous. But when worn with the wrong clothes, it can be less than stunning and moreover, may end up looking insignificant. I’ve been there, done that. So I went on to do some intense research on what fashion experts had to say about wearing the right jewelry with the right clothes. I came up with these interesting tips on how to wear jewelry with great impact. Take a look here:

  • The easiest way to wear jewelry is by keeping the look simple to avoid a major faux pas. The colors in your clothes can also help you choose the right jewelry.
  • If you’re wearing a single color, go with jewelry in the same color. An emerald Marquise ring in platinum with intricate detailing and graceful tapering shape will look dressy when worn with an emerald or bottle green dress.
  • A simple, plain outfit can be highlighted with bold jewelry. A bold necklace or a heavy bracelet will look beautiful with clothes in plain or understated subtle colors.
  • If you’re wearing a multi-colored outfit, select one color to accessorize in. Wear a belt or a scarf in the chosen color and wear jewelry in the same color. This way, you’ll be showing off both your outfit and jewelry very effectively.
  • emerald marquise ringStick to the same metal for a classic look. If you’re wearing silver earrings, match it with a Diamond Heart cable bracelet in sterling silver. It’s very feminine and delicate and looks great with a modern outfit. If wearing a gold necklace, wear a gold ring that matches for a traditional and classy look.
  • Match your jewelry to the fabric of your outfit. If you’re wearing silk, wear gold, diamond or pearl jewelry. Frivolous wooden beads and shell necklaces look best with jeans and casual outfits.
  • Avoid wearing too much jewelry as it can only look over the top and confusing. Keep away from jewelry that’s noisy.

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  1. greenorohouston Says:

    I have read this blog here you discuss about various types of ways for wear a great piece of jewelry i think for wearing rings we can match our fingure with ring by one by one wearing.

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