3 types of eye cream every woman should have


eye cream with sunscreen, algae cream

You are probably wondering, why on earth do you need three eye creams. In fact, you must be thinking why use an eye cream at all? Ladies, if you don’t want to go for botox or eye uplifts, you need eye creams, especially if you are above 30 or have hectic working hours. The skin around the eye is delicate and needs special care and treatment. Else, you will cause irreparable damage to it.

Now, let me explain why you need all three eye creams.

1. Eye cream with sunscreen

I don’t want to waste your time talking about UV rays and sun damage to the skin. But most ordinary sunscreens are not formulated to protect the sensitive tissues around the eye. During the day, eye creams with sunscreens help minimize the damage caused by the sun. Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging eye cream is a multi-defense system that combines SPF protection with revolutionary Idebenone.

It deflects the sun with encapsulated SPF 15 sunscreens to shield against daily sun damage without irritation. The neutralizes free radicals that can cause aging signs and delays the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crows’ feet along with smoothening ones that already exist.

2. Algae cream

To curb the damage already done to the eyes, you need a cream that firms and repairs the area. The Blue Algae cream helps to lift, firm and tighten eye area skin with wheat protein. It also refreshes, soothes and cools tired eyes with skin-firming, nutrient-dense blue algae. The instantly cooling cream is perfect for days when you have to be out in the sun for very long hours.

3. Night cream

A good night cream helps the skin around the eyes to rejuvenate and revitalize itself. The night cream works when you are most relaxed and so fetches great results too.

So, if you still have doubts… Huge sunglasses can help you cover up the damage later!

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