How to decorate your front door


gatehouse security screen door, outdoor stair treads

Often the first thing people will take a good look at when they come to your home is the front door and all things surrounding it.  For this reason, in order to give off a good first impression, you want to make sure that the front of your home is decorated rather attractively.

With all this in mind, I have come up with a few suggestions as to how you can make your front door and its surroundings presentable with great subtlety.  Please read on in order to find out just what those suggestions are.

Gatehouse security screen door

The first thing you need is a solid gatehouse security screen door.  A screen door is great for several reasons, not the least of which is that, when the weather is nice, you can leave your door open to let the fresh air in, but without making way for all those pesky bugs to enter your home.

Outdoor stair treads

Outdoor stair treads are another essential part of making the front of your home look attractive.  They are available in unique and eye-catching designs and they do provide another great benefit which is that, upon seeing an outdoor stair tread, people almost instinctively rub the bottoms of their shoes on it before entering a home.  So not only are you using the stair tread as an accessory to make the outside of your home look nice, but you are also keeping the inside of your home clean at the same time.

Pots and plants

There is no front yard that can benefit from the beauty brought on by a few carefully selected plants.  Well placed flowers can easily turn a porch into a garden so be sure to take advantage of them.

There you have three easy and affordable ways to make your home look much more attractive upon first glance.

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