Babysitting necessities to sooth your little one


Graco bouncer, Graco pack n play

After few months of being at home, I started stepping out leaving my six month old daughter with a baby sitter. Once when I went to pick up Christina, my daughter I was so pleased to see that she was so happily playing with the baby sitter and the accessories which were being used. I realized that these were so useful and kept the child so well entertained.

Graco has a range of products for children and the Graco bouncer seemed to be a real boon for kids. It soothes and amuses the child to a large extent. The bouncer had several sounds and songs that were there to calm the baby. The overhead toy bar kept her entertained as well.

They were detachable soft toys that she could play with and get visually stimulated too.  She laughed and giggled seeing the little toys dangling from the bar trying to reach out to each of them.  In fact did you know you could get a swing and bouncer in a 2 in 1 product as well? It is a lovely product that saves on time and money.

Another interesting product which the baby sitter used to entertain the kids was a Graco pack n play. It was the ideal place for any baby to nap or even play. Angelina was merrily kicking in the area looking rather pleased with her new home! In fact a child which was just learning how to stand would also be excited to take support and try to get up with this product. The best part was that it was easy to store and transport, simply in a handy carry bag. The frame seemed rather durable. In fact I realized one could get handy wheels along with it as well for added convenience.

These products seemed like a must for a baby sitter since it would soothe a child and keep them merrily occupied too!

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