How to make your own wet bar


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My dad has always been the host and entertainer. One of the things that he enjoys most is making drinks for other people, much like the movie Cocktail; he thinks it’s all about the ceremony of a great drink. We’re going to be going over a few essentials that you’ll need to make your own bar and how to throw a great party while you’re at it.


While my dad is lucky enough to be a contractor so he knows how to build almost anything he wants, some people aren’t so lucky. You can set up your own makeshift bar with a high table and some fun barstools. Throw over an elegant tablecloth to really create the illusion of taste for the bar. I suggest that you get a table-cloth that looks great, but you won’t feel too bad if someone accidentally spills their drink everywhere. Trust me, it happens all the time at my house.


Make sure that you stock your bar with not only main alcohols, but ones that can be great for mixing into drinks too. Something that we’ll generally do for barbeques or family gatherings is have a drink of the day, something like a mojito, a lemon drop, or even more fun, a pomegranate martini, that way, you only have to have one set of ingredients for everything and it’ll be easy to make the whole night. Don’t forget something important like drink stirrers so all of your guests can fish out their garnish from their amazing drink.

Be prepared

You’ll also be prepared if you have lots of glasses, ice, your own shaker, a lime crusher and a cutting board. These are all things that we have in our own bar that we use constantly, so even if you don’t always have your own bar set up, you may want to keep these in your home so you’ll always have them.

Fun extras

When it’s nearing the end of the night it’s always great to make your guests feel comfortable so make sure to offer them coffee near the end of the day. Using something like Cal mil coffee condiment organizer is a great thing to have at your bar too. Move away all the fixings for drinks and place what you need for coffee instead.

Let us know how your own party goes with a fun wet bar in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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