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One of the things that I love most about fall is the change of style that we get to wear. I’ve never been one to wear short shorts or tank tops, so being able to finally justify my sweaters and cardigans always feels great. This is especially true for when I go out with my friends. Keep reading to see what great looks you can get this fall with some of the latest fashion this season for going out and hitting the town.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I never frequent fashion blogs. I see a lot of what’s in style and what isn’t, and something that has been popping up everywhere is sequins. I’ve been stumbling over the Ralph Lauren sequin dress everywhere as well and it has just the right amount of pizzazz and femininity.

We all know what sequins are; the shiny metallic pieces that are usually sewn onto a shirt to make it sparkle. Sequins are so much fun to wear when you’re going out because they help attract all the right attention. All you really need is to know how to wear them.

Tips for wearing sequins

Sequins are a very bold statement piece of fashion and in fashion, everything is about balance. For example if you decide to wear a bright red jacket, you might want to wear a less flashy shirt underneath and muted pants for your bottoms. The same is exactly for sequins. If you wear something like sequin tank tops you’ll want everything else to be understated. Because they’re so flashy, literally, you want to wear a simple straight leg dark wash jean if you’re going out paired with a nice black blazer. That way the entire look can be complete. You can wear a cute pair of shoes with this though, just make sure those don’t have too many sparkles on them either. You never want to be too matchy-matchy when wearing a full ensemble.

These are just a few quick pointers, so what are some ways that you like to wear sequins? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Jessamine Casia

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