3 small tables you can use throughout your home


mosaic patio table, round card table

Tables are a small but vital part of your home décor. Imagine just putting your feet up on the couch for your favorite soap opera and not having a coffee table to put your mug or popcorn bowl on? Tables are not restricted to just the living room. They can be placed anywhere in the house and shifted per say your requirements.

And if you are smart enough to pick versatile and portable designs, you can make the optimum use of them, instead of just restricting them to decorative pieces. Here are 3 small tables that you can use throughout your home, without compromising on space-

1. Mosaic patio table

The mosaic patio table goes in the patio. It is perfect to serve your guests coffee or drinks outdoors. They can also be used for serving starters or keeping their snack or dinner plates. Just make sure to pick something that is weatherproof and sturdy. These should be a bit heavyweight so you don’t have to worry about them toppling over in a thunderstorm.

2. Round card table

A round card table can go in the den or game room. It is a smart pick for those who have space constraints, as you get foldable versions too, which are easier to store. The round table works well for poker night or any other board game that you like to indulge in. You can get card table extenders also, which can be placed on top of your regular square table for easier seating.

3. Graduating tables

These graduating tables fit into one another and are usually available in three pieces. So, when you don’t need them, they can be stacked away in a corner, without wasting any space! These are very handy for parties or get-togethers, when you need to provide guests with tables to keep their wine glasses, finger foods, etc.

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