3 steps toward keeping your home organized


plastic compartment trays ,entryway storage bench

Even the most frugal person I know would spend some money to organize their home. It makes life simpler and hassle free. Some of my favorite organizational tools are the following.

  1. Plastic compartment trays: There were times earlier when occasionally I opened my junk drawer to search something and it would take ages to find something. It was only then when I put these plastic trays for compartmentalization. Having the several miscellaneous items in the trays helps save time and my frustration levels when I am searching for what I want. In fact even in my kitchen it saves time and hassle. How many times have you searched for cinnamon behind the oregano or was it the nutmeg… now where was the nutmeg? I am sure you get the idea!
  1. Entryway storage bench: With three kids in my place, the entryway used to be a big mess. Their sporting items, shoes and backpacks used to be just stacked all over the place. However after finding an entryway storage bench all the mess just vanished. These benches you can get in a variety of sizes and shapes. In fact whatever the size of your entryway, you can get a great bench to organize your home. In fact a sleek bench is that is needed which can add a lot of storage space and look like a smart place to sit on as well.
  2. Plastic bags with zip locks:  It is true that our grand moms definitely did not have these. However I really bless the person who invented these bags. They are the best way to store puzzle pieces, toys, and other things which are little items in one spot.

These items are by no means the exhaustive list of organizational tools. however they are definitely my choices of hassle free and time saving living.

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