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Humidity, pollution, scorching heat and sweat can make your hair dull. Moreover, all these elements can deteriorate its health. Along with a good shampoo, you can use various other hair products to make your hair healthy. For instance, you can use a good conditioner, which will not only give natural shine to your hair but will also keep it moisturized. Here are some nice conditioners you can go for.

  • Pureology Essential Repair Instant Repair

This is a color-protecting leave-in conditioner that rebuilds your hair. It comes with a crystal clear and weightless formula. Comprising of protein-rich soymilk and pure biotin, it spreads effortlessly all over your hair. This Pureology conditioner fortifies your hair against breakage. It detangles your hair and adds natural shine to it. It comes with chamomile oil, olive oil, AntiFade complex, cationic polymers, allergen-free fragrance, sandalwood, mandarin and various other natural ingredients.

  • Pureology Hydrate Light Conditioner

This Pureology conditioner replenishes and detangles fine hair. It is a great conditioner for color-treated hair. It provides lightweight conditioning to your hair while keeping its color intact. Perfect for daily use, this conditioner comes with natural extracts of jojoba and shea butter. It moisturizes your hair and restores its suppleness. It is a great option for thinning hair.

  • Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Anti-Dandruff Hair Conditioner

This is a moisturizing and detangling anti-dandruff conditioner. It stops flaking and itching, making your scalp healthier. It calms your scalp and makes your hair silky. It comprises of Pyrithione Zinc, which is an anti-dandruff active ingredient. This is an antioxidant-rich conditioner that keeps your hair color intact.

  • TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Conditioner

This TIGI conditioner comes with a fresh fragrance that captivates your senses. It controls frizz and tangles to help you manage your hair well. It makes your hair shiny and soft. It moisturizes your curls, smoothes the cuticles and leaves behind the delicate scent of orange berry. This is a great conditioner for curly hair, wavy hair, normal hair and dry hair.



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