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My friend Amanda is lot like other moms when it comes to shoe shopping for her children. While buying a shoe for herself is mainly focused on fashion, shoe shopping for her two year-old twins coils down to comfort and function first and foremost.

She felt that when Angelina, her daughter was crawling and standing, she wanted her to feel her feet and get a sense of balance. Thus she chose softer shoes. When she started walking full-fledged, she thought buying sneakers would be a good idea since it was sturdy and gave a good grip.

The importance of a sneaker is tremendous when it comes to a toddler. While it might be great to get them in patent leather say once in a while for a party, running shoes give their feet a good support. Their feet have little muscles, tendons and bones that need to grow. In fact did you know that it benefits a lot due to exercise as well? Thus toddlers running shoes proves to be rather worthwhile rather than the feet being scrunched in a pair of shoes.

When I bought my son his pair of toddler jordans I saw how it did not constrain his foot and allowed for a proper shape and development of his feet. Do not forget that the construction is of a pliable leather and canvas which makes the shoe mold to his foot totally.

The best part is that you do not need to compromise at all for this function and comfort when it comes to the designs and brands. The styles could be fit for running, basketball among several others. Colors ranging from red to black, white to yellow are on offering and there are tons to adorn your toddler’s feet.

Get them right away and see your adorable toddler, running all around looking cute!

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