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Jeans, T-shirts or tanks, and flip flops are a uniform for many ladies who love outfits with a casual look and maximum comfort. While this tried and true outfit combo is perfect for days when you want to feel comfy while running errands, taking your dog out for a stroll, or enjoying a lazy Sunday, it also tends to be ultra casual. For days when you still want to be comfortable but kick up the style factor a notch, try swapping out these wardrobe staples for the following options:

Instead of jeans and a T-shirt or tank: a wrap dress

When you think of wrap dresses, you might envision Diane Von Furstenberg’s famous frocks that pair lovely patterns with bold colors. While these are beloved among fashionistas, you don’t have to go for a dress with a fancy name on the label to look fabulous. For a versatile wrap dress, try keeping an eye out for one in a jewel tone, such as a ruby red or deep turquoise. Look for one made of a lightweight jersey fabric to ensure comfort. For a more casual look, go for a sleeveless or cap-sleeved version. You can also try three quarter-length sleeves for a flattering look that also offers a little more coverage.

Instead of flip flops: Gold flat sandal

For a more dressy alternative to flip flops, try wearing gold flat sandals instead. The gold tone adds a touch of style but is also neutral and easy to wear with other colors at the same time. Look for fun details or embellishments, such as a jeweled T-strap, a strappy gladiator style, or tassel accents. If securing a strap or pulling up a zipper is an extra step you’d rather not have to deal with, look for sandals without an ankle strap or backing so you can easily slip them on or off.

What would you wear with a gold flat sandal and wrap dress?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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