Types of pots and bowls you need in your kitchen


blanching pot, melamine mixing bowls

So it’s a new year, and you’re ready to start outfitting your kitchen with the right gear. Where to start? Equipping a kitchen is a very personal decision. However one thing is for sure that having the right pots and bowls can making a difference in the cooking and its result. However the pots and pans that one would use is dependent on how you cook and what you cook. However there are certain basics which one needs and beyond that are extras.

One thing I realized was to avoid the pre selected sets. While the prices are rather attractive, but there would be one piece which you would never end up using. Some of the basics as per me include the following:

  • Sauce bans with covers is a must. I find it tremendous since I can steam or poach in it.
  • Fry pans also turn out to be rather useful. It works to be a roasting as well as a sauté pan. Don’t you think it is a rather versatile bowl just that it does not have a cover in fact a non stick fry pan also works well, but remember to change the surface annually.
  • What did you think about a pasta pot? It has a dual role of a stack point and a steamer too with an insert. In fact do not forget a blanching pot too!
  • I personally like the look of a porcelain and ceramic over proof pans. From roasting a chicken to serving it on the table, it comes in very handy.
  • If you love baking then you know that rimmed sheet pans are great too!
  • Some mixing bowls like melamine mixing bowls or others are essential too for the basics that you might want to do in the kitchen.

You could spend thousands of dollars on the best pots and pans in the world. However remember they need to be useful and practical for you to conjure lovely dishes!

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