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Wearing a leather bracelet is a fun accessory because it can last for so long and is wearable by both guys and girls. Leather is known for its longevity and the more its worn the more comfortable it is. In fact, the versatile leather is not restricted to the rock-chic babe alone. If flaunted the right way, leather bracelets can look elegant and stylish.

Here are a few classy and trendy ways to sport them.

  • If you want something neutral that can be worn by both guys and girls, check out this Tonino Lamborghini bracelet. It features a gold inlay that is casual and yet fun.
  • For an elegant look, you can try wearing leather bracelets with motifs like flowers or even leaves, which are feminine too.
  • A cross leather bracelet is the perfect pick for the bohemian look. Check out this Rainbow cross leather bracelet that features a soft leather cuff and is decked out with a large brass-stone cross adorned with colorful crystals. You can wear it with dresses, denims and even to work.
  • Leather bracelets with charms are also very popular with both guys and girls. You can pick a motif of your favorite charm or opt for danglers.
  • Braided leather styles are a cool casual pick too. Opt for a blend of satin or strings with leather

Cross leather bracelet

However, taking care of leather is not that easy. You have to remember to avoid exposing it too much rain because unlike shoes, the leather used in bracelets is a lot lighter. Even if not, why do you want to mess around with its longevity?

Keep a leather cleaner or spray handy at home. Food stains on bracelets are common and this will help you keep your accessories fresh and newer for a longer time. And for regular cleaning, just wipe the bracelet with a clean cloth before and after every use.

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