What to put in your child’s nursery


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Getting the nursery ready? Now this is the fun stuff! Preparing for a new arrival can be an overwhelming experience for the parents. From tips on how to work with a small nursery, to the low down on what you might actually need there are several ideas that I have for you. There are something’s which are necessary while some which are much needed. 

  • Ranging from a contemporary to a traditional crib the choice is entirely yours. In fact what did you choose between a cradle, crib and a bassinet? I had picked one from a collection of distressed baby cribs!
  • Do not forget the bedding and the sheets. Two sets of sheet are an absolute must is what I realized with experience. Along with that get a mattress which is snug and comfortable. But an important point to remember is that do not go for the cushy feel which you want in yours but something which will keep it’s shape and be flat
  • It is absolutely amazing how many tiny clothes can one accumulate in a short span of time. Thus apart from an extensive wardrobe, a small dresser can carry all the little nooks like wipes and diaper creams
  • You will never know the convenience of a changing table or a corner changing table unless you have it! it is a back saving and functional piece in the nursery, despite being expensive
  • It is never too late to invest in a bookshelf for your little one. In the beginning if there is a budding library use the extra shelf space for diapers, to set the baby monitor among others
  • You will be simply amazed at how much stuff a tiny baby can use. You could easily. You could easily have some nice storage baskets, bags or bins to store your baby’s belongings!

The list can go on and on. These are some of the basics that you must have as a part of your child’s nursery!

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