How to perfect the cowboy look


cowboy hat racks, lucchese skull western boot

If you’ve always wanted to sport the authentic cowboy look, take a look at some neat ideas on how to do that. Movies have always showed cowboys as these handsome, rugged, tanned men with their trademark hat and boots. You can perfect that tough look with these items:

Cowboy hats

If you want to be a cowboy you must have a cowboy hat. To me, cowboy hats are enduring symbols of cowboys, especially hats with a worn-in, bent look. You can call it a fashion statement or you can call it necessity but a cowboy hat is a must have. You can even have your own special cowboy hat racks like the Cowboy Hat Racks RH 559 or the 6 Tier Country Western Cowboy Hat display rack to keep in shape more than one hat.

Big belt buckles

Wear a smart, custom designed western belt buckle. Try to get an authentic trophy buckle to really look the part. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t won it. Or go for an Oval Pewter Praying Cowboy Belt Buckle that’s nicely molded and etched with an authentic luster.

cowboy hat racksCowboy boots

If you’re serious about your cowboy look, you can’t afford to wear anything other than cowboy riding boots. The Spirit Lucchese Skull western boot has smooth leather uppers and braided detailing on the outer shaft. They’re comfortable, well-fitting and offer superior riding and wearing comfort. Authentic cowboy boots are traditionally designed to fit a stirrup on horseback with heels and sharp toes.

Jeans and bandana

Wear a rugged pair of jeans like Wranglers that offer a good fit. Cowboy jeans now tend to be looser and not skin tight like they used to be earlier. And since you will have to wear them over your cowboy boots, make sure the length is long enough to cover the boots. Team your jeans with a long-sleeved, button-down plaid shirt. A handkerchief or a bandana tied around the collar can complete the look.

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