How to serve drinks at dinner


crystal decanter, lime green solo cups

Parties at my place are usually of two types. One is a house party in nature whereas the other is a sit down and slightly more formal in nature. My husband Matt is a big lover of wine and thus serving alcohol is usually the most natural thing for us. But, the nature of the parties is very different and thus we like to serve our drinks also differently.

For a formal setting, there is elegance and a keen eye to detail which I like to maintain. Some of the aspects include the following:

  • I have a lovely crystal decanter which I have been preserving for several years together. I hate the thought of dirty and ‘scuzzy’ look of the bottles when they are kept in the cellar for a long time
  • When there are only a few guests over, I love to pour some expensive whisky with appropriate glassware for the guests to enjoy.
  •  In fact garnishes like lemon wedges, pineapple slices or even cherries is what I like to set aside as per the drink we serve.
  •  Another aspect which I give importance to is placing a coaster or napkin in front of the drinker. Do not forget to ignore the other things like straws and garnish.

On the other hand I like to keep the other type of party absolutely chilled out and fun.

  • In this case visitors usually roam around and help themselves to buffet style food and drinks
  • The cutlery and crockery which I use for the drinks and food is usually disposable in nature. What about creating the scene interesting with a set of colorful and funky glasses? I use a set of lime green solo cups along with other colorful plastic glasses for the drinks I serve
  • Bright and vibrant napkins along with some nice printed tissue paper is something I like to play around with to serve the drinks
  • If you have the provision of a separate bar then you can arrange all the bottles and glasses there for one to serve as well!
  • House party guests need to have an access to unlimited amount of liquor. Do not forget that!

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