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expandable fence for dogs, Richell wood freestanding pet gate

There are dogs and then there’s Fido, my Labrador. I remember when training him as a puppy, I had got some fences put around. But he hurt himself very badly during one of his crazy tail biting ordeals. And since that day I have been wary of using fences again. But a friend suggested I try out expandable fence for dogs and I can say I was rather impressed.

As a pet parent, I make sure that everything inside and outside the house is pet-friendly. And you will be amazed at how easy training a dog will be if you use an extendable fence because not only are they not permanent but they also don’t hurt dogs. Definitely make sure to mention that these are best for small dogs and not medium or big sized dogs because they will either knock it over or just jump over it.

The expandable fences can be used as a boundary marker for kitchen, bathroom, or even your garden. Just place it wherever you like and all that you have to do is adjust the width and it simply stands on its own. It can even be used as an instant trellis and works well for both indoor and outdoor use.

Check out this Richell wood freestanding pet gate, which is also perfect for keeping your energetic pets contained. The freestanding gates can be placed anywhere at any time you need them. The best part is that there is no installation required and the supports fold back for easy storage or transportation.

I had picked one of these for my outdoor excursions with Fido. I take them when we go to the cabins up in the lake or to my folks too. Thankfully, these are sturdy enough to keep Fido restricted but without causing any risk or harm.

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