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flower engagement ring, ring pave setting

Buying a ring for getting married is just as important for the guy as it is for the girl. First, he’s the one giving the ring to the girl and has all the expectations of the girl to keep in mind. And secondly, he is the one paying for it so you do need to give him some credit for picking designs.

Though technically, their opinions are never really given that much importance, it doesn’t hurt to consider their choice. The trick is to be tactful enough to get the ring of your choice (and your budget, which is always higher than his). But there is no doubt that you would love to wear something that he has chosen.

Here are some rings that make great choices, especially if someone is a little lost on where to start their engagement ring search-

Flower engagement ring

Most guys are not aware about the kinds of diamonds girls adore. But apart from solitaires, one of the other popular choices includes flower engagement rings. Check out this pave set one featuring a thin diamond halo, surrounding the round brilliant cut diamond of your choice. These rings are available in different sizes in metals.

Being the symbol of love, flowers are also a preferred design because they appear bigger. Frankly a princess cut ring, surrounded by little diamonds appears larger than a mere round solitaire.

Ring pave setting.

Ring pave setting

Marquise cut engagement rings is another budget-friendly and exquisite option that you can consider. The beauty of marquise is that it exudes elegance and is more economical too. You can go for a white diamond piece in the center surrounded by little diamonds of different colors like blue or pink.

Remember, your engagement ring will always be close to your heart. So pick something that both of you adore!

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