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green coffee bean extract, pure coffee bean extract

There are natural ways to shed those excess pounds and these include exercises and healthy eating. But often we resort to using supplements to lose weight, which are harmful and come with a lot of side effects like nausea, weakness, etc.  However, if you have natural supplements then you can lose weight without trying too hard, sans the side effects.

One such product that has been very useful in this reference is green coffee bean extract. Recently, green coffee bean extract got a lot of attention as a powerful fat burner, according to a study. This study revealed that the all the participants were able lose an average of 17.5 pounds in a matter of 22 weeks.

Dr. Oz, the expert on green coffee revealed that as compared to those who didn’t consume these supplements, the project participants lost an average of two pounds a week. However, he warned the others about false advertising and marketing, where a lot of people were misusing his name. He stated that he doesn’t endorse in products.

The doctor further recommends that one should have green coffee bean supplements with 45 percent chlorogenic acid. The participants had consumed around 400 mg, thrice a day about 5 hours before each meal. You should maintain a food journal to keep a tab of the weight loss because it motivates.

Pure coffee bean extract can be combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Check out the Genesis Today’s pure green coffee bean extract supplement is a sensible and healthy way to help promote healthy weight loss. It contains raw green coffee bean that has high levels of chlorogenic acids and antioxidants to keep you fit and has anti-aging properties too.

It should be kept in mind that along with these supplements, you should also eat healthier foods and exercise regularly to get faster results.

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