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Halloween is a fun time in which dressing up becomes great fun. Well this year I have decided to dress up like Barbie. I am planning to do some exciting things. Let me share them with you: 

  • I need to focus on my eyes and hair. I have got a cheap blonde wig which would work better since it would look more fake and shiny like a doll’s hair. I am on the hunt of contact lenses which are extremely blue and too bright to be human. In fact if I get one which has a slightly oversized iris also I would go for it!
  • Keeping the Halloween makeup in mind, I would make it rather pore less. However I would go with eitherMalibu Barbie beige tan or a pale rose pink
  • Grow the fingernails out, or else I will get them done. The color would ideally match my skin or make up
  • Four inches heels are a must and I am practicing walking in them. I am quite a mess when it comes to getting the legs and feet right. What do you think about some high quality “spray on” hose in a can or use layers of nylon? It would be ideal to have a pair of opaque tights with a shiny pantyhose layer on it. I know that it might be uncomfortable but my shoes and feet will look featureless and flawless.
  •  Barbie Halloween costumes would be several. Thus I am trying to find girly girl clothes and accessories. While a tight mini skirt is fine, I am on the lookout of a longer and tight pencil skirt which would look better. The idea is to get a look which is for all ages girl who is subdued and demure too! My aim is to look girlie and retro to get the ideal appearance!
  • One funky yet mad thing which I plan to do is watch the Aqua video for the song “Barbie Girl”. I will memorize the movements, mannerisms and posture and see if I can get a bit of the voice as well!

Hopefully I will look like the Barbie girl who will rock this Halloween.

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