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hand held shower mount, shower door hardware


For a long time I have been wanting to make certain changes in my bathroom. Finally I got started doing my research on renovation of the shower. Read on and you would know some things which I studied about.

Hand held shower heads are a popular thing in people’s home these days. However the hand held shower mount is a rather new concept which I did not know about. I understood that it was a shower which could be attached directly to the tub faucet or combine it with the regular wall mounted overhead shower. Apart from that the benefits were countless:

  • Worry no more if you have family members who are of varying heights. It can customize the shower by installing an adjustable shower head slide bar
  • The best part is that cleaning the shower and tub becomes a rather easy job
  • My daughter does not need to worry about getting soap into her eyes since she can control the water flow the way she wants
  • Did you know that the spray settings can be changed too?

Shower door hardware was another point which I was concerned about. Products were a large list and include shower door hinges, hinge and handle sets, glass clamps, locks among other things. I was particular about the hardware since I did not want it rusting in few months or the water to be flowing out of the shower area and wetting the entire bathroom. Whether it is the shower latches or a shower door, were tiny details that one must research into. Thus whether I wanted a glass enclosure with high quality accessories or others was a call which I had to take while renovating the shower.


After finding out all the details I was looking forward to get the shower renovation started!

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