How to dress like a fairy for Halloween


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If you’ve thought of dressing up as a fairy this Halloween and don’t know how to go about it, keep reading this article to find out how you can do so all by yourself.

You can make your this Halloween truly unique by dressing up like a wonderful fairy who lives deep into the woods. You’ll make a remarkable appearance if you dress up in more natural colors of Mother Nature.

  • You can easily create your own costume by using some basic items and accessories. Try going for a more simple look for your dress. You can opt for light grey or green corset like top in short sleeves and a loose skirt. This makes for your basic dress.
  • You will need some satin ribbons, organza fabric sheets in colors of soft green, red and brown for decorations. If your dress has short sleeve, add organza sheets in a manner that they get a jagged edges look.
  • Now, your Halloween fairy costume has a nice color and a pair of fluttering sleeves. Similarly, use different colors of organza sheets giving them a jagged edged look from the waistline of your dress as well. This will make for an interesting pattern.
  • Get some fairy shoes. Brown ballet flats or boots will do for you. Make sure they are comfy since you might need to walk around all night. Now get fairy wings of your choice. You can get small or large wings. Use Halloween glitters to decorate them. You can brush some glitter on your face to achieve an enchanting fairy look.

Its time to make-up your eyes. Use colors that will pop up your eyes. However, do not go for strong colors like blue or pink as that will ruin the symbolic appearance. Instead go for earthy shades like bronze, brown, gold or green. You could even get Halloween contact lenses to get the right eye color .

Lastly, do your hair a bit. Simply put a cute hair band and slightly curl them. Along the neckline, you can add a garland of nice flowers. There you are, perfectly ready Halloween day!


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