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hp 4500 laptop, 17 inch macbook pro

With the start of the new semester I am sure most of you are looking forward to it with great excitement. Since you are beginning the new semester this would be a great time to get yourself a good new laptop to make it a fresh start. Here are a few affordable laptops which you could use this year.

Dell is one of the most popular brands for laptops and they do have a great line of laptops. The Dell Inspiron 14z happens to be one of the most popular budget laptops around. This laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 processor which should handle most of your tasks with relative ease. It also features a large hard drive space of about 500 GB. The 8GB RAM should ensure that your programs run smoothly. Lastly this 14 inch laptop screen is powered by the AMD 7570M video card which should handle high definition content and games without any problems.

The HP Envy Sleek book 6 is one of HP’s latest midsized budget laptops for this year. This laptop comes with the highly efficient AMD A6-4455M processor which runs at 2.1 GHz. This processor would run every application you throw at it without any problems. This laptop also comes with about 500 GB of storage space which should be sufficient for your data needs.

In case you need more you could also get an external hard drive. This laptop also has a video card in the AMD Radeon 7500 which should enable you to play back HD content on your 15.6 inch screen with relative ease. Lastly the high definition screen is as good as the HP 4500 laptop.

If you are looking at a budget ultra portable laptop then the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11 would be your best choice. This laptop will offer you great portability and reliability which Lenovo is known for. This 11 inch laptop comes with an Intel Core i3 processor which might not be very powerful but does its job well and is highly efficient. The 11 inch display screen of this laptop has a maximum resolution of about 1366*768. The hard drive space of about 320 GB is quite impressive for an 11 inch laptop. The 2 GB RAM should keep all your programs running smoothly. Lastly it weighs just over 1 KG which makes it easy to carry around as well.

These laptops may not possess the processing power and the capabilities that the 17 inch MacBook pro features but they do a good job when it comes to regular tasks.

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